Forest and Shade Tree Health


Current Research

  • White pine blister rust
  • Aspen dieback
  • Planting limber pine
  • Exotic pest movement on firewood
  • Mountain pine beetle and wildfires
  • National Elm Trial
  • Magnesium chloride and trees
  • Mountain pine beetle, dwarf mistletoe and fire fuels



Graduate students surround Dr. Bill Jacobi at the 58th Annual Western Forest Insect Work Conference March 5-9, 2007 in Boise, Idaho



Graduate Students Russell Beam and Jennifer Klutsch at the Western Forest Insect Work Conference in Boise, Idaho

Bill Jacobi, Ned Tisserat, and Randy Moench looking at problems in juniper seedlings

Young aspen trees after repeated applications of solution containing high concentration of magnesium chloride

Undergraduate students assisting with construction of rearing cages for Banded Elm Bark Beetle Study

Grinding plant tissues collected for Magnesium Chloride Dust Suppressant Study


Jennifer Klutsch, Bill Jacobi, & Amanda Crump stopped along the way to Great Plains Tree Pest Council meeting in North Dakota (April 2005)


When you leave here,

don't forget

why you came. 

~Adlai Stevenson


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